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Ethio Telecom And Ministry Of Trade & Regional Integration Sign A Partnership Agreement On Telebirr Based Service Payment

Ethio Telecom

Advancing its move fascinatingly at full-scale towards realizing Digital Ethiopia, Ethio telecom has signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Trade & Regional Integration today that would enable the customers of the Ministry of Trade & Regional Integration settle commercial registration, trade license and trade name related service fee payments without any inconvenience using the telebirr digital payment system which is easy, fast, convenient and secured digital payment platform.

More specifically, the agreement will play key roles for the customers of the Ministry of Trade & Regional Integration to easily settle the service payments of new commercial registration, amendment, replacement and cancellation as well as new trade license, trade license renewal, replacement and cancellation and new trade name, trade name amendment, renewal, replacement and trade name cancellation.

The customers of the institution can therefore, visit www.etrade.gov.et, login with their account, select service type, fill the application form online and use the payment order number they receive, and easily settle the service fees via telebirr App or *127#.

In a recent memory, our company in partnership with Dashen Bank has launched three types of financial services namely telebirr mela (micro credit) a service that allows individual customers, agents and merchants to borrow money for any transaction or withdrawal and telebirr Endekise (credit pay/overdraft service) a service that enables customers to borrow money when they are short of balance in their telebirr account while making transaction and telebirr Sanduq (Micro Saving service) a saving service which is available with interest free and interest rate based micro saving services with a theme of finance for all to ensure financial services inclusion and accessibility to our wider society.

So far, telebirr digital payment system has acquired a subscriber base of 24.9 Million within a short period, 101 master agents, 87 thousand agents and 23,000 merchants. In addition, the platform has been integrated with 16 banks to transfer money from bank to telebirr and with 13 banks to transfer money from telebirr to bank and over 101.1 billion ETB has been transacted.

Furthermore, our company has already integrated a number of services with telebirr digital payment system by signing agreements with several service rendering organizations and institutions so as to ease their customers’ service related hustles being the best digital payment option.     

In the time ahead, our company is keeping on diligently committing to integrate with a number of services with telebirr digital payment system in collaboration with other similar institutions and make all their customers’ payments possible in one window service using telebirr digital payment system with a view to strengthen the effort of realizing the digital Ethiopia’s set vision.

Ethio telecom

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