Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Two contrary rallies: Support and protest rallies were held in Ethiopia

The support rally for FDE Government held in various cities in Oromia region ended peacefully – Oromia Communication Bureau

Oromia Communication Burea announced that the support rally held in various cities in the Oromia region ended peacefully.

The head of the regional communication bureau, Hailu Adugna, gave a statement to the media about the completion of the rally. In his statement, the head of the office said that the rally held in various cities in the Oromia region ended peacefully. He said that in support of the successful continuation of the journey of change that started in Ethiopia, the support rally held today in all zones and city administrations in the region was attended by many people and was successful.

He mentioned that the support rally will motivates the leaders of the reform for more work and said that there is also great solidarity of the people.

ENA reported that the state government expressed its gratitude to all those who participated in the rally and to the security forces who have been working for the peaceful completion of the rally.

In contrary, the protest rally against the Abiy Ahmed Ali(PhD) government were held throughout many cities in Amhara Regional State.

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