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Fake News by Habtamu Ayalew Teshome

On April 4, 2023 a Facebook account with more than 222K Habtamu Ayalew Teshome distributed the misleading and fake news by using image that was originally posted on Twitter in 2015 by this user.

Habtamu Ayalew posted on his Facebook account by saying the follwing

የኦህዴድ የግፍ ግፍ !!


ኦህዴድ መንግሥቴን ለመገልበጥ አዲስ አበባ የገቡ ናቸው በሚል ደሳሳ ጎጇቸውን ንዶ የጅብ ሲሳይ ያደረጋቸው እነዚህን ነው።

ከግፈኛው ኦህዴድ እጅ ኢትዮጵያን ለማዳን ሊደረግ የሚገባው ትግል የቱንም ያህል መራር ቢሆን ከመጋፈጥ በቀር ምርጫ የለም። ዝም ማለትና ፍርሃት ከዚህ ግፍ አያድንም።

Here is the original source of image that was posted in 2015 by the following user.

You can get the primary post

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