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Nursing COC Exam Ethiopia

coc exam in ethiopia

1, . A pregnant woman, 16 weeks of pregnancy, presents to an emergency room unconscious for an hour. She has heavy vaginal bleeding and pale conjunctiva. Her blood pressure is 80/50 mmHg, pulse rate is 110/min, respiration is 14/min, and temperature is 37.2°C.

What is the most appropriate initial intervention?

A, Administer oxygen 6 L/min through nasal cannula

B, . Monitor fluid intake and urine output

      C, Give Penicillin G 2 million units IM

           D. Begin with normal saline 1 L in 15 min IV

2, A 32-year-old male patient was admitted to a hospital isolation room with a diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. A nurse attending to the patient noted that the patient appeared angry and understood that his reaction was a nominal reaction to isolation. The best nursing intervention in the above scenario

A, Explain the rationale for the procedures and provide meaningful stimulation

B, Prevent the patient from becoming angry.

C, Reducing the risk of infection by limiting family visits.

D, Provide a quiet room to calm the patient

3, A 23-year-old man was admitted to an emergency surgical department after a traffic accident. The patient has a history of stage II heart failure and has been treated with cardiac glycosides and ACEIs. On neurological exam, his GCS is 2/15

  1.  Prone                     B. Supine                   C. Lateral                               D. Semi-fowlers

4. A nurse cared for a 27-year-old patient suffering from hypotension due to profuse bleeding during surgery. Physical examination revealed blood pressure 90/50 mmHg, pulse 140/min, respiration 22/min, and temperature 34°C. What type of parental fluid is best for this patient?

  1. Colloid total parenteral solution                                             C. Hypertonic 3% saline                        
  2. Hypotonic D5W + ½ NaCl                                                      D. Isotonic ringer lactate

5. A nurse cut off a peripheral venous catheter and removed the tape in a 45-year-old patient admitted to an intensive care unit. The ribbon was jagged at the end. What is the most likely complication?

 A, Infiltration                                                                        C. Catheter breakage

B, Air embolism                                                                    D. Toxicity caused by a vesicant

6, A nurse performed wound care for a 65-year-old patient with HIV/AIDS. The nurse returns the used equipment to the appropriate room for instrument reprocessing and infection prevention. What is the best procedural step for the caregiver to use?

A, Cleaning, decontamination and subsequent sterilization

      B, Cleaning, sterilization and subsequent decontamination

C, Decontamination, cleaning and subsequent sterilization

D, Sterilization, cleaning and subsequent decontamination

7. A 28-year-old patient came to a health center with suspicions that he might have a sexually transmitted disease. During the conversation with the nurse, he was afraid to say what he felt. Waiting for an answer while waiting, the nurse waited in silence and looked the patient in the eye. Which question is most likely to open the door for discussion in this case?

 A, Are you in pain?                                              C. Tell me about your pain?

B, Tell me about our family?                               D. Tell me what you want to talk about?

8 . A nursing scientist wants to conduct a study on factors that contribute to high prenatal mortality in selected health care facilities in District X. He attempted to read and summarize relevant information from various books, published articles, and health reports about the problem. What is the researcher’s most likely activity?

 A, Write research problem                                                     C. Synthesis literature review

B, Develop research objective                                               D. Write rational of the research

9. A nurse who is a member of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at an Ethiopian university wants to develop a new curriculum. During the process, the curriculum development team engages the MOH to verify that the curriculum is based on national quality standards for healthcare professionals. What is the most appropriate type of curriculum evaluation to be used by the team?

A, Internal evaluation                                                                   C. Formative evaluation

B, External evaluation                                                                   D. Summative evaluation

10. A nurse working in a district wants to educate the community on how to treat water using locally available materials. During the course, the nurse will prepare all the necessary materials needed for water treatment. During the lesson, each participant could see and practice the water treatment process.

What teaching method is best used by this nurse in this scenario?

A,Drama             B. Lecture                           C. Brainstorming                 D. Demonstration

11. A 32-year-old woman newly diagnosed with HIV was referred to the ART Clinic for counseling. When assessed, she appears hopeless and anxious. The nurse examines the client’s needs and condition through appropriate counseling. What is the most appropriate first step for the nurse’s actions?


A, Establish guideline of communication

B, Accept the client as a whole individual

C, Plan interview at appropriate time

D, Ensure privacy and confidentiality 

coc exam in ethiopia

coc exam in ethiopia

coc exam in ethiopia

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