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pharmacy coc exam pdf

1, Most medicines consist of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and various excipients Which of the following is a possible justification for formulating medicines in this way, other than?

A, The excipients stabilize the active ingredient so that it does not degrade before administration

B, The excipients reduce the possibility of the active ingredientirritating the body

C, The active ingredientand the excipients everyone make an efforta pharmacological effect

D, The active ingredientis too potent to use undiluted

2, belonging to a profession brings with it a number of benefits, but it also comes with a number of obligations. Which of the following is not a duty associated with being a professional?

A, To do with patient choice

B, To use a high level of skills and knowledge in their work.

C, To be objective and non-judgmental.

D, To practice specialized information and to operate under a monopoly


3, which of the following auxiliary labels is required before dispensing a posaconazole oral suspension?

A, Take on an empty stomach.

B, May cause drowsiness.

C, For ear use only.

D, Shake well before use.

4, A pharmacist receives a new prescription for amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium 500 mg. The recipe is 1 tab per bid for 10 days. A technician at the pharmacy will fill out the prescription and process it with 250 mg amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium instead, as the pharmacy does not stock 500 mg amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium tablets. The pharmacist doing the final verification of the prescription should do this?

A, Fill the prescription as it is.

B, Call the doctor and get approved for this switch

C, Don’t fill out the prescription.

D, Fill out the prescription, but advise and inform the patient about this change.

5, None of this is a reason why behavioral and social science knowledge is important for pharmacists

A, It can help us better understand patients.

B,  It can improve medication adherence.

C, It can help build a consistent relationship with patients.

D, Knowing what people are thinking is more important than knowing about medicines

6, What is a patient’s primary concern when dispensing a lactose-based formulation?

A, Patient’s hypersensitivity for lactose

B, Lactose stability in the formulation

C, Possible occurrence of lactic acidosis

D, Patient acceptance of the formulation

7, A hood is often used during the drug mixing procedure. Which of the following statements describes the main function of a compounding hood?

A, Maintains a specific air temperature

B, Prevent a pharmacist from adding too little or too much of a substance

C, Prevents particles from entering or leaving the area

D, Sterilizes all materials in the environment

8, You will receive a prescription from your pharmacy with the following information on the extemporaneous prescription:

Patient:             MrAG, Wereda 8, Bole sub city, AA

Age:                 35

Weight:                  65Kg

Prescription:     Potassium Bromide 30mg/kg/day (dry powder) for 5 days

Directions:       xxx

Mitte:               xxx

Answer questions 9 through 11 based on the information above.

9, How much potassium bromide powder should you give the patient?

A, About 1 g

B, 2.31 g

C, 390 mg

D, 9750 g

10, How do you advice your patient in administration of the preparation?

To take the dry powder as it is (as KBr is susceptible for hydrolysis)

To mix it with dry food before administration

To take plenty of water before and after taking the powder

To mix it with water before administration

11, How do you advise your patients when administering the preparation?

A, Take the dry powder as is (since KBr is sensitive to hydrolysis)

B, Mix with dry food before administration

C, Drink plenty of water before and after taking the powder

D, Mix with water before administration

12, The top three activities of full-service pharmaceutical companies include: _____?

A, Research and Development, Manufacturing and Operations, and Marketing and Sales.

B, Research and Development, Business Development, and Marketing and Sales

C, Regulatory, Manufacturing and Operations, and Business Development

D, Marketing and Sales, Corporate and Administrative, and Research and Development

pharmacy coc exam pdf

pharmacy coc exam pdf

pharmacy coc exam pdf

pharmacy coc exam pdf

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