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Nursing exam questions and answers pdf download

Nursing Solved exam questions and answers pdf download Part 3. From Question No. 36 to 50 Published here the answer also available in the bottom of this post. You can also download all 50 question answers in pdf format by clicking below download link. If you are planning to attend the upcoming AIIMS ExaminationUPSC Examination, HPPSC Examination, RRB Examination, PGI Examination, ESIC Examination

36. 1 gm of Hb contains mg of iron. (a) 1.34 mg (b) 3.4 mg

(c) 34 mg (d) 4.3 mg

37. Which of the following is not a mandatory vaccine?

(a) Measles vaccine (b) Varicella vaccine

(c) DPT (d) OPV

38. Which of the following is not a live attenuated vaccine?

(a) OPV (b) BCG

(c) TT (d) MMR

39. Percentage of available chlorine in bleaching powder is

(a) 23% (b) 33%

(c) 35% (d) 43%

40. Which of the following electrolyte imbalance is expected after blood transfusion?

(a) Hyper calcemia

(b) Hyper kalemia

(c) Hypo kalemia

(d) Hyper magneremia

41. RNTCP was started in the year (a) 1972 (b) 1982

(c) 1992 (d) 1962

42. Health survey and planning committee is named as

(a) Bhore committee

(b) Mudaliar committee

(c) Kartar Singh committee

(d) Jungalwalla committee

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43. Diseases occurring in an area from a common source on a large scale is called

(a) Epidemic (b) Endemic

(c) Pandemic (d) Sporadic

44. Koplik’s spots are seen in

(a) Mamps (b) Measles

(c) Rubella (d) Varicella

45. Primary level of disease prevention includes

(a) Early diagnosis and treatment

(b) Disability limitation and rehabilitation

(c) Health promotion and specific protection

(d) All the above

46. Which of the following is not a method of spacing?

(a) Condom (b) IUD

(c) Diaphragm (d) Vasectomy

47. According to psychosexual stages of development by Sigmand Freud, the phallic stage is the

period of

(a) 0-1 years (b) 1-3 years

(c) 3-6 years (d) 6-12 years

48. The mother of a 4 year old child calls the clinic nurse and expresses concern because the child

has been masturbating. Using Erikson’s Psychosocial development theory the appropriate response by

the nurse is

(a) “This is a normal behavior at this age”

(b) “Children usually begins this behavior at the age of 8 years”

(c) “This is not a normal behavior”

(d) “This child is very young to begin this behavior, and should be consulted by the physician”

49. A nurse assesses the vital signs of a 12 month old infant with respiratory infection and notes

that the respiratory rate is 35 breaths/minute. Based on this finding, which action is appropriate?

(a) Administer oxygen

(b) Notify the physician

(c) Document the findings

(d) Reassess after 15 minutes

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50. Public health centre is meant for a population of

(a) 20,000 – 30,000 (b) 30,000 – 50,000

(c) 10,000 – 20,000 (d) 3,000 – 5,000

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