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Use overlay ads to monetize your Facebook Reels.

Overlay ads can be used to help monetize your Facebook Reels. Overlay ads are placed directly on top of a Facebook Reel in a banner or sticker format. They appear transparently over reels content, meaning that people can view the ad without interrupting the reels content they’re consuming. If an overlay ad is included in your reel, you’ll earn a portion of the advertising revenue.

What types of overlay ads are there?

There are two types of overlay ads on Facebook Reels: banner ads and sticker ads. Banner ads appear as a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom of a Facebook Reel, whereas sticker ads are a static image ad that can be placed by a creator anywhere within their reel.

Who is eligible?

If you’re currently eligible to monetize your videos with in-stream ads for on demand on Facebook, then you’ll also be eligible to monetize your reels with overlay ads. No need to opt in, the reels you share publicly on Facebook are automatically eligible to monetize with overlay ads.

If you are not part of our in-stream ads program, you can check your eligibility and join here.

How do I insert overlay ads in my reels?

If you’re part of the existing in-stream ads program for Facebook video, you’re automatically opted into banner ads in reels by default. But note, not all of your reels will contain banner ads. Whether or not ads are included depends on a variety of factors, ranging from advertiser targeting-setting to the value of the ad for the viewer. And just like with in-stream ads, you can opt out of banner ads running in your reels content in Creator Studio.

For sticker ads, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. After adding your creative for a reel, tap Stickers on the right hand menu panel.
  2. Below the Stickers tab, tap Ad.
  3. Tap Add Sticker Ad.
  4. Adjust the positioning of the sticker ad frame to your reel.

Facebook will choose an ad to display in this frame that is suited to the viewer. Keep in mind that just because you insert a sticker ad frame, an ad won’t necessarily be included.

What about Instagram Reels?

If you’re interested in how you can monetize Instagram Reels, please find out how you can remix, fundraise, and use text to speech and sound effects on your Reels here.

Are there other ways to make money on Reels?

Stars on Reels is another way your community can support you. This is automatically unlocked when you join the Level Up Program.

There is also a Facebook Reels Play Bonus Program available to those who meet the criteria. For more information, please read the details here.

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