Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

According to sources, Girma Yeshitila, Amhara Prosperity Party head shot dead.

Girma Yeshitila, Amhara Prosperity Party head shot dead

Girma was at the center of the government’s controversial decision to abolish the regional special forces and “reorganize” them into national army and federal and regular police. He said the mass protests seen in the Amhara region in opposition to the decision were the result of poor leadership on the part of the task force commissioned with reorganizing the special forces in the region.

According to Shimelis Abdisa (President of Oromia Regional State) “Mr. Girma Yeshitila, is a strong leader who believes in the supremacy of thought and has been fighting to ensure this. Insurgents in this century may dream of winning by bullets, but in practice such like this idea is unacceptable in this age. I am deeply saddened by the sudden passing away of Mr. Girma Yeshitila. May God bless his soul in Paradise!!
I wish condolences to his family, all his comrades and the people of the region”.


Source: Addis Standard

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