Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Kefyalew Tufa Yadete Attempted Suicide

Kefyalew Tufa Yadete

Kaffiyaalew Tufaa Yaadatee is a widely known Youtuber and spiritual minister as his activities on Facebook and YouTube shows. However, he posted on his Facebook page yesterday that he would commit suicide at 2:00 am today.

According to some sources, he tried to commit suicide because of a disagreement with his wife.

But now he is saved. One of his friend went live on Kaffiyaalew Tufaa Yaadateeโ€™s Facebook page and said that his friends were able to reach him and save his life.

After all, I want to advice our youngesters to learn to control their emotions and understand that there is another day and life tomorrow beyond today.

By Chala Dandessa

I am Lecturer, Researcher and Freelancer. I am the founder and Editor at ETHIOPIANS TODAY website. If you have any comment use as email contact. Additionally you can contact us through the contact page of

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