Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Corruption in immigration where up to 40 thousand birr is demanded for a passport that can be completed at a cost of less than 6 thousand 500 birr

ETV was able to verify through investigative journalism about the process of immigration and citizenship services related to passport renewal and emergency passport issuance, where citizens who are vulnerable to illegal activities can obtain passports that can be legally completed at a cost of less than 6,500 birr by paying up to 40,000 birr.
In the investigative journalism work done by ETV, if they were asked to pay illegal fees for the service, and even if they paid, they showed the national content of the illegal operation by being present in the area of the institution.

According to the Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Service, Mr. Bruhtesfa Mulugeta told ETV, the agency has taken ethical action against more than 33 employees, but today it is still being tested for corruption and malpractices. In addition to the efforts to improve the service, if citizens have complaints about the institution’s service delivery, they can contact the complaint desk to the senior management of the institution and their institution is ready to take action, he explained.
In order to solve the problem in a sustainable way, he said that 95 percent of the resources related to passport printing have been completed in the country.

The Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Ato Bruhtesfa Mulugeta, has confirmed that the employees of the institution who cause the service to be disrupted will be exposed to the institution’s upcoming organizational reform and action will be taken against them.

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By Chala Dandessa

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