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Transboundary Water Resources Conference in Addis Ababa Ends with Commitments to Enhanced Cooperation Across Nile Basin

The conclusion of the second conference focused on transboundary water resources among Nile riparian nations took place on June 23, 2023, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The gathering, which ran on June 22 and 23, centered on fair and sensible exploitation of shared African water resources. The two-day event was initiated by Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, Demeke Mekonnen. It brought into the same fold representatives from a range of countries, including the Republics of #SouthSudan, #Uganda, #Tanzania, #Kenya, and #Ethiopia, as well as delegates from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of #Congo, #Eritrea, #Rwanda, and #Sudan. Also in attendance were scholars, researchers, representatives from the younger generation, and media professionals from the basin countries. The conference concluded with important resolutions such as acknowledging the necessity for increased collaboration among basin nations, commitment to environmental conservation, and evolving narratives on fair distribution of the Nile waters. The participants also advocated for the launch and execution of collaborative projects within Nile Basin countries, inspired by successful cooperative efforts like the Nile Equatorial Lakes-Subsidiary Action Program-NELSAP. Attendees applauded the cooperative endeavors of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) and stressed the urgency of activating the Cooperative Framework Agreement of the Nile River (CFA). The latter is expected to evolve the NBI into a permanent River Basin Organization to encourage widespread cooperation and joint development. Conference attendees championed an African-driven resolution approach to any disparities among basin nations and urged Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan to keep engaging in the African Union-mediated trilateral process. The gathering also marked the ongoing construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam-GERD, acknowledging it as an African-led development project that bolsters regional cooperation and integration by offering clean, affordable energy. The conference wrapped up by expressing gratitude towards the Ethiopian people and government for successfully domestically financing the GERD.

Originally written by: Ethiopian and Egyptian News @Renaissancedam

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