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Ethio telecom and Oromia Regional Revenue Bureau made an agreement to make tax and levy payments via Telebirr

Oromia Revenues Bureau

Ethio telecom said “by making digital services widely accessible and strengthening the journey of realizing the vision of Digital Ethiopia, our company has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the Oromia Regional Revenue Office today and has implemented a system that enables customers to pay their income tax and tax payments through the very simple, fast, convenient and reliable Telebirr”.

According to this agreement, the Oromia Regional Revenue Bureau will make the tax collection system supported by a digital system to establish an updated tax and tax collection system, provide efficient services to customers, save operational costs and time, avoid payment receipt fraud, attract investment to the region and ensure good governance. Apart from the significant role of this system in timely collection of tax and duty payments, citizens can save time and money by making their payments using the simple and reliable Telebirr mobile application or the short number *127# to get a payment confirmation receipt immediately. Ethio telecom coordinated with the Oromia Revenue Bureau and carried out sufficient preparatory work before the implementation of the digital payment system, and provided the necessary on-the-job training to the staff of the Revenue Bureau on the collection of Telebirr service fees and related issues, as well as awareness training for Level C taxpayers.

It is known that Ethio telecom recently signed an agreement with the Ministry of Revenue and the Customs Commission to implement a system that allows for the timely collection of taxes from high tax payers and easy payment of customs duties for goods imported into the country. Ethio telecom called for institutions and organizations to join the digital world by updating their payment system with Telebirr digital payment system.

Source: Ethio telecom

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