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MOE Ethiopia Announced University Exit Exam Result

MOE Ethiopia Announced University Exit Exam Result

According to MOE announcenent 62.37% of government institutions and 17.2% of private institutions students scored 50 percent or more.

The Ministry of Education has successfully completed the university exit exam that has been held for six days since June 30 2015 EC. The Minister of State for Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Samuel Kifle (PhD) made a statement today regarding the exam.

Dr. Samuel announced that 84 thousand 627 students from 48 government institutions and 109 thousand 239 students from 171 private institutions have registered to take the exit exam, totaling 194 thousand 239 students.

The Minister of State stated that 40.65% of students who sat for the exit exam scored the passing score.

Dr. Samuel also said that students will be able to check their results from Sunday night by accessing this link at using the User Name given to them for the exam.

The Minister of State explained that pre-graduate students who did not achieve the required passing score in the exit exam can retake the exam every six months.

Dr. Samuel also pointed out that except in some few institutions power and internet outages for very limited hours in limited institutions, there were no problems during the examination process. Before the exit exam is given, it should be remembered that graduate students are made to take mock and model exams to practice with the exam system. It is known that the entrance examination of higher education institutions is one of the reforms initiated by the Ministry of Education to maintain the quality of education.

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