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Israel-Hamas war live: Gaza power plant to run out of fuel within hours

Israel-Hamas war live: Gaza power plant to run out of fuel within hours – Ajazeera

Watch: How Israel made Gaza the world’s biggest prison

Often described as the world’s biggest prison, most of the world only pays attention to Gaza when its firing rockets at Israel.

It’s a tiny territory with no control of its own borders or airspace. Most of its residents are refugees from just across the fence with Israel who have almost no chance of ever leaving.

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  • 20m ago (08:53 GMT)List of key events, day 5As the conflict enters its fifth day, here are some of the main talking points:
    • The Israeli military said dozens of its fighter jets struck more than 200 targets overnight in a neighbourhood of Gaza City.
    • Israel has called up an unprecedented 300,000 reservists.
    • The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Israeli strikes had since Saturday destroyed more than 22,600 residential units and 10 health facilities and damaged 48 schools.
    • Palestinian news agency Wafa is reporting that Israeli forces dropped white phosphorus bombs on the al-Karama neighbourhood in Gaza earlier in the night.
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  • 22m ago (08:51 GMT)Hamas says it ‘does not target children’The armed group Hamas has said it “does not target children”, adding that Western media should be accurate and “not blindly side with the Zionist narrative, which is full of lies and slander”.In a statement, it said the resistance and Al-Qassam Brigades targeted the “Zionist military and security system”.“We… categorically affirm the falsehood of the fabricated allegations promoted by some Western media outlets, which unprofessionally adopt the Zionist narrative full of lies and slander against our Palestinian people and their resistance, the latest of which was the claim of killing children, beheading them, and targeting civilians.”More than 1,200 people have been killed in Israel since Saturday and over 3,000 wounded. Israel’s attacks on Gaza have resulted in the killing of more than 950 people while over 5,000 have been wounded.Play VideoVideo Duration 00 minutes 57 seconds00:57Injured children pulled out of destroyed Gaza building after Israeli strikeClick here to share on social media
  • 24m ago (08:49 GMT)Explained: What is Hezbollah?The deadly skirmishes on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon have raised the prospect of a broader conflict in the Middle East, as the Hezbollah armed group has fired artillery and rockets in solidarity with Palestinians.As Israel pummels the Gaza Strip with air raids, fear of another front in the north is growing with an exchange of fire between Israeli and Hezbollah fighters.On Wednesday, Israel’s army said it is attacking Lebanese territory in response to anti-tank fire that targeted an Israeli military post from Lebanon.Our colleagues at Al Jazeera’s Explainer team have put together this comprehensive piece on Hezbollah – read here.Play VideoVideo Duration 02 minutes 00 seconds02:00Fears of war with Israel grow in Lebanon after rockets exchangedClick here to share on social media
  • 32m ago (08:41 GMT)Intense shelling from Israel towards LebanonZeina Khodr in Maroun al-Ras along the Israel-Lebanon border.What we understand from Hezbollah is that they targeted positions along the border and that there are casualties. Israel did not confirm whether there were any casualties.We hear the constant sound of explosions not far from here. There are jets and drones constantly flying. You feel gradually that what was limited in scope is now becoming wider with the possibility of a confrontation becoming more and more real.Click here to share on social media

  • 40m ago (08:33 GMT)Ramallah government building turned into refugee campImran Khan in Ramallah, occupied West BankI’m at a local government building, which has been turned into a refugee camp. The people who have sought refuge here are from Gaza. They have no idea when they will be able to go back home. The stories they have been sharing with us are absolutely harrowing.One man told us 40 members of his extended family were killed in an Israeli bombardment. Another told us eight members of his immediate family had been killed.Click here to share on social media
  • 59m ago (08:14 GMT)Israeli army says it attacked Lebanese territoryThe Israeli army says it is now attacking Lebanese territory in response to anti-tank fire that targeted an Israeli military post from Lebanon.“The area around Dhayra is being bombarded by enemy artillery, while the area around Yarin is being hit with phosphorus shells,” Lebanon’s National News Agency said.Click here to share on social media
  • 1h ago (08:12 GMT)Which international actors can play peacemaker?The UN secretary-general is “deeply distressed” by Israel’s complete siege on the Gaza Strip.Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has said bombardment has “just started”.More than 970 Palestinians have been killed in five days of intense bombing of Gaza, with 2.3 million people living there nowhere to go amid an Israeli land, sea and air blockade.Most Western nations have shied away from calling on Israel to slow its brutal military response.Here’s a closer look at the countries and international organisations that may play peacemaker.Click here to share on social media

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 (07:59 GMT)

At least 30 killed in air raid on law expert’s house: Hamas

An expert in international law was visiting family in Gaza when an Israeli air attack targeted his home in central Gaza City and killed everyone inside, authorities said.

Health officials did not immediately give a number of those killed but friends of Saeed al-Dahshan, who is based in Cairo, said his entire immediate family were killed.

Hamas official Bassem Naim estimated the death toll to be at least 30.

“This level of death and destruction is unprecedented,” said Hamas spokesperson Ghazi Hamad, whose house was razed by air raids late on Tuesday along with the homes of many other members of the Hamas political bureau.

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 (07:59 GMT)

‘Horrific scenes’ as dozens of bodies found in Israel’s Kfar Aza near Gaza

The stench of bodies was heavy in the air as reporters walked the paths of Kfar Aza, a farming community of about 400 people located just 2km (about a mile) from Gaza.

Dozens of bodies of Israeli civilians and Hamas fighters were found among burned-out houses, scattered furniture and torched cars on the grounds of the kibbutz.

“Tell the world what you saw here,” one soldier shouted, as the Israeli military went from house to house to take away the dead.

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