Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Training for Newly Appointed Ethiopian Ambassadors Kicks off

Training for Newly Appointed Ethiopian Ambassadors Kicks off

Training for recently appointed Ethiopian ambassadors began today in the Skylight hotel in the presence of high-level officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

National, regional, continental and international issues with respect to Ethiopia’s national interests will be given focus in the 15-day training session.

Officiating the launch of the training session, Foreign Minister H.E. Ambassador Taye Atskeselassie stressed that the newly appointed ambassadors are expected to demonstrate patriotism, enthusiasm to acquire knowledge, exhibit leadership abilities, understand current and evolving conditions and connect Ethiopia with other countries.

The Minister reiterated that the recent decision to appoint 24 ambassadors was made based on their diplomatic professionalism, work experience and national loyalty. He emphasized that the ambassadors should strive to promote national interests by enhancing their professional competence.

The training will also cover economic diplomacy, Ethiopia’s role in multilateral forums, diaspora policy, media relations and the overall implementation of Ethiopia’s national interests.

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