Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

2,400 quintals of illegal smuggled cement seized in Jimma

2,400 quintals of cement smuggled into the city of Jimma in violation of the new government law has been seized.

The city of Jimma has sold 400 quintals of cement at 771 Birr per quintal in implementation of the Cement Market Law issued by the State Government of Oromia.

As is well known, the Oromia Regional State Government recently issued a new law to fix the price of cement to control the inflation caused by the over-increase in the cement market.

Accordingly, the Trade Office and the Market Stability Committee seized 6 trucks (2,400 quintals) of cement from traders illegally loaded with cement ‘s to be sold to the public.

Head of the Jimma City Commerce Office, Mr. Hayidar Dirrib, on his part, said that anyone should understand that it is a crime to try to obstruct the new laws and guidelines issued by the government.

Source: Waajjira Kominikeeshinii Magaalaa Jimmaa

By Chala Dandessa

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