Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Tulama Abba Gadaa council named two foreigners after the Oromo.

Hundee and Baalchaa chinese who gained the Oromoo identity according to Gadaa system.

Two Chinese nationals have been named to the Ada’a Oromo clan. The names of “Hundee” and “Baalchaa” were given to these people who were given Oromo identity membership according to the Gada system.

The Abba Muudaa of Tulama, who named the citizens, said the Oromo are not only regaining the Gada system, but also re-establishing their traditions.

Hundee and Baalcha also loved the Oromo culture and joined it and lived with the Gada system and the Oromo who welcomed us. He mentioned that they will promote the inclusive culture at every opportunity.
The two men, named after the Ada’a clan, donated two million birr to the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.


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By Chala Dandessa

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