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2014 E.C. Grade 12 National Exam Slated for September 30, 2014 EC (October 10, 2022)

The Grade 12 national examination for the current 2014 Ethiopian academic year will be administered in October 2022 authorities announced.

The announcement was made by the Educational Assessment and Examination Service (EAES) in a notice for students on Sunday.

The EAES said the exam for the grade 12 students of the 2014 Ethiopian academic year will be given beginning on (September 30, 2014 EC) October 10, 2022.

For the first time, the students will take secondary School Leaving Examination inside compasses of public university compasses.

Previous national exams were held in exam centers prepared mostly in high school facilities.

Education officials said hosting the exam in universities would help prevent cheating and is among some of the latest decisions to keep the integrity of the exam process.

This year, legal action could be taken against violators of the exam rules, according to EAES.

In the previous 2013 academic year, nearly 618,000 grade 12 students sat for the national exam held in more than 2,200 exam centers.

The majority of them, over 90%, were able to take the exam in November 2021. The remaining students took it four months later in February after authorities delayed the exam in areas affected by conflict.

Of the total examinees, more than 152,000 students were able to score 50 and above โ€“ enough to join public universities. At least 42 percent of them are female.

Following a significant drop in the exam score among the students who sat in the second round, authorities decided to allow them to retake the exam along with the 2014 school yearโ€™s grade 12 students in October.

By Chala Dandessa

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