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Ethiopian Ministry of Education Announced Remedial Program for Grade 12 Graduates who scored less than 50%.

Ministry of Education Ethiopia
Ministry of Education Ethiopia

Remedial Program of public universities and various alternative was announced by MOE. The Ministry of Education has decided to implement a remedial program on the examination status and other issues, taking into consideration those who scored 50 and above 50 percent in the 2014 academic year.

Accordingly, it is necessary to determine the minimum admission requirements for students entering higher education institutions in the 2015 academic year for the remedial program. Those who score less than 50% but meet the criteria listed below will be beneficiaries of the remedial program.

  1. In all options (in private and public institutions), the number of subjects tested by students to attend the Remedial program is cut by 30% percent or more, i.e. (210 out of 700, 180 out of 600 and 150 out of 500).
  2. Subject to the provisions of No. 1 above, those attending the Remedial Program at government institutions (whose expenses are covered by the government) will be only those who meet the following cut-off points.
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Please find the remedial program implementation manual attached here

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