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FDRE House of People’s Representatives passed a decision to romove Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) from terrorist organization list

The council removed the TPLF from the list of terrorist organizations

The FDRE House of People’s Representatives passed a decision to delist the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) from being a terrorist organization.

In the special meeting held today, the council approved the resolution by majority vote after discussing the proposal to remove the TPLF from the list of terrorists.

House of Peoples Representatives of FDRE

During the meeting Tesfaye Beljge, the Minister responsible for the government briefed the reason for the removal of the TPLF from the terrorist list, said, “It is necessary to get out of the cycle of war, to avoid the seeds of hatred and evil, and to overcome political problems, so that conflicts do not continue to give birth to other conflicts. He also mentioned that the TPLF is improving the activities that led to it being classified as a terrorist. The minister pointed out that the TPLF’s unconstitutional actions were to be reversed in the peace agreement, and said that in the last four months, efforts have been made to get out of the atmosphere of war and to bring relief to the people. He explained that in order for this to bear fruit and create inclusive conditions, it is necessary to remove the TPLF from terrorism. The Minister also mentioned that the Pretoria Peace Agreement is bearing fruit and that the idea has been proposed to sustain it”.

Various questions have been raised from parliament members, “Is the time now?” What about stopping conflicts? What has been done to stop the military activities of the TPLF? Is it a public question now?” Minister of Justice Dr. Gideon Timothy responded to the questions. In their response, they recalled that the reason why the TPLF was classified as a terrorist was because of starting a war, denying recognition to the federal government, conducting unauthorized elections and other circumstances. But, now the reason for this removal is, the party has agreed to respect the constitution, has shown encouraging initiatives and processes to disarmament, and is organizing a legal and inclusive structure. Dr. Gideon said that regarding the issues of legal responsibility, their case will be seen in the process of transitional justice that has been started. He said that a lot of work is needed to restore services in the region, provide budget and get students back to school.

The Minister said that there is still work to be done in order to implement the Pretoria Peace Agreement in a sustainable manner, and to make these works effective and to create a viable environment, it is necessary to remove the TPLF from terrorism. It will be remembered that a peace agreement was signed between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF on October 24, 2015 in Pretoria, South Africa under the auspices of the African Union to provide a peaceful solution to the war in the north.

According to the signed peace agreement which respects the constitutional system of the country and protects the national interests of Ethiopia, the federal government and the TPLF have been working. It is well known that the federal government started basic services in Tigray region and made humanitarian aid available in a streamlined manner. The TPLF also gathered the militants to a camp and handed over heavy weapons to the Federal Defense Forces.

It is on the basis of this peace agreement that the council approved the resolution to remove the organization from the terrorism list.

Source: FBC

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