Sat. May 25th, 2024

Government has set up a committee to establish peace with the armed forces in Oromia and other regions – PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD).

Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and Tagese Cafo

Talks with the Oromo Liberation Front (Shane as called by the Government) are underway and the government is working by setting up a committee, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said. Replying to questions raised by members of the House of People’s Representatives on how to establish peace with the militants operating in the country, he said efforts are being made to hold talks with the militants operating in the country to ensure security.

The government is keen to resolve the conflict peacefully, he said, adding that a committee has been set up to negotiate with the militants. He said better results have been achieved in the process with militants in Benishangul Gumuz, Gambella and Qimanti. He recalled that the call for peace issued by the Oromia Regional State government to the militants operating in the region was made in accordance with the directives set by the government and the party.

He said attempts have been made in the past two months to delay the process due to the dispersion of the armed forces. He said the government has a strong stance to resolve all conflicts through dialogue. He urged the armed forces to come to the heart of dialogue and peace.

Source: FBC

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